Portable power isn’t slowing down. The market continues to surge, and with it comes new needs and new features.

So much so that we are introducing Xqisit Power, a new brand of portable power banks specializing in lithium polymer battery cells.

Lithium Polymer, or Li-Po as it is commonly called, is a lightweight battery very similar to Li-On. The battery chemistry itself is the same as Li-On, but instead of being housed in metal cylindrical cells (type AAA, AA etc.) they are housed in polymer packets. These packets can be shaped in various ways, depending on the application.

This provides three advantages. First, the battery is lighter because metal housings are replaced with the lighter polymer. Second, batteries can be custom-shaped to meet the needs of the application, and third, batteries can make better use of available space. These advantages allow Xqisit to build not just smaller power banks, but slimmer ones too. Small isn’t good enough, they need a profile that fits with our lifestyle like our phones do, slender and pocket friendly.

And that is what you will find throughout the Xqisit lineup. Xqisit gives you slim, pocket friendly Li-Po power banks with features that include built-in Lightning or Micro-USB data cables, battery meters, dual output, and iPad capable charging power. Cleverly, Li-On is still used by Xqisit to present a highly competitive power banks in the heavy user and traveller categories. 10 000 mAh banks don’t end up in pockets or handbags anyway.

The Xqisit portable power line can be split into three groups: Emergency, Heavy User, and Traveller.


These power banks are for those “just in case” moments. They’re for those times where you’re rushing out the door and look at your phone only to find the dreaded red battery indicator. Or just keep them with you while you are out and about and need a little charge up before the next destination… also known as the next wall outlet. These are slim and portable enough to throw in a pocket or purse and will charge most smartphones roughly 50%.

Xqisit Portable Power Banks

Portable power banks perfect for those “just in case” situations.

Heavy User

The heavy user category is for people who use their devices heavily and cannot make it through the day without access to a charger. These solutions will give you enough juice to fully charge your device more than once yet are still small enough to fit in your pocket or purse. Better yet, in this category you will find power banks that will charge full size tablets.

Xqisit Portable Power Banks

Made for those heavy power users, these power banks will keep anyone charged up into the late hours of the day.


Contrary to the size of this group, these are the “biggest and baddest” power banks in the lineup. These are for those long trips where plugging into a wall is just not an option. They will charge the iPhone 6 more than five times and can charge a tablet and phone simultaneously. They might be a little big to put in your pocket, but throw them in your backpack or suitcase and you won’t even notice they are there… until you need them.

Xqisit Portable Power Banks

The traveller. A power hungry creature. These power banks have what it takes to keep the hungriest power users charged up.

Xqisit also adheres to important quality and environmental standards. FCC, UL, and CE standards are followed, as are the RoHS (hazardous substances) guidelines contained within the CE specifications, and any unit with a lightning connector is MFI Apple approved.

With this in mind, it’s clear that Xqisit has the capacity to meeting the demand for portable power banks. Happiness is an empty mailbox and a full battery.

Check out the full lineup of portable power banks from Xqisit here.