Whoosh! Diamond Defense for smartphones with curved screens


The recent trend of curved screens on smartphones continues to grow and it is the perfect time for Whoosh! to enter the market with their Diamond Defense liquid screen protection. How does it work and why is it ideal for curved screens? Let’s find out.


Inside the WHOOSH Diamond Defense packaging


Liquid protection – more solid than you’d expect

Whoosh! Diamond Defense works by creating an invisible ultra-thin layer of proprietary water-based scratch-resistant material. When applied, the nano-liquid fills micro-imperfections of the screen creating a perfectly smooth protective layer.

Whoosh! Diamond Defense has proven itself in meticulous scratch tests performed by SGS, the world’s leading inspection, testing, and certification company. According to the report, regular smartphone screens scratched after 15 attempts, while screens coated with Whoosh! Diamond Defense survived a whopping 225 scratch attempts. Did we mention it was scratched with a 1mm Tungsten Carbide tip? That’s the same Tungsten Carbide that also happens to be used in tools for cutting through steel!


Curved screen? No problem!

Retailed at $29.99, Whoosh! Diamond Defense has many benefits that are sure to sway your customers. First, is the ease of application. Installing Diamond Defense is as simple as wiping the screen with 2 wipes, making it easy for customers to apply it on their own. Second is versatility. Thanks to its liquid form, Diamond Defense can be applied to any glass screen surface. This is great news for owners of newer curved screen smartphones or lower tier devices.

WHOOSH! Diamond defense works for all phones


In addition, the protective layer is so clear and thin that it is undetectable by the human eye and works with any case. It can even be used to protect phones with glass backs but it is highly recommended to use a second pack of Diamond Defense for optimal coverage.

Also, the protective coating will naturally fade over time so Whoosh! recommends to re-apply the coating at least once a year.

*Important Note* Whoosh! Diamond Defense is not a solution for screens that are already shattered or cracked.


How to apply

Applying Diamond Defense is an easy 5 step application and all required components are included in the box.

  1. Clean your screen
  2. Wipe on the Whoosh! Diamond Nano Liquid Screen Protection
  3. Wait 5 minutes to dry
  4. Shine up your screen with the included microfiber cloth
  5. Repeat steps 2-4 for ultimate results


For the installation process and scratch test demonstration, see the video below.