“What is a name? That which we call a rose, by any other name would smell as sweet.”

Shakespeare really had a way with words, and not to mention, he killed off a lot of his characters.

But the question today is this: Should Apple and Samsung, two of the largest mobile tech companies, eventually kill off their naming progressions for the iPhone and Galaxy S?

The smartphone revolution started January 9, 2007. That is a date that will live in history as the day communication between humans would be forever changed as Steve Job, a man known more for his gruff attitude, dressed in a black turtleneck and blue jeans as he announced the world’s first iPhone. The first of its kind, fully intuitive device, free of any keyboard or limited Internet that was also an iPod.

The idea was complex. The name was simple. iPhone.

Not sticking to a model naming progression at that point, Apple’s follow-up to the iPhone would be the iPhone 3G, skipping the iPhone 2, marketing instead with the latest in cellular data speeds (3G) while showing off how far ahead of the competition they were.

But ever since the third iPhone (the iPhone 3Gs released in 2009), Apple has stuck with their numerical naming progression (4, 4s, 5, 5s, and so on).

Evolution of the iPhone since its inception by Hitfar.

In 2009, Samsung released their first-ever Android device running on Donut, the Samsung Galaxy, or more commonly known as the beautifully named GT-I7500. Not nearly the phone people wanted, Samsung went back to the drawing board in 2010 and came up with a new phone, a larger screen, and a new name. The Samsung Galaxy S, named for the word Success, was born and the name stuck. Galaxy S has been the staple of Samsung’s lineup of smart devices ever since.

Both companies are currently at the top of the Smartphone pyramid with the latest success of the Galaxy S8 and iPhone 7 lines, but what is a name? Can both companies keep up with their naming system through 2030? Will we see an iPhone 15 or the Samsung Galaxy S19? We really hope not. Will things get a shakeup? Yes please.

Apple has a history of sticking with a good thing since the passing of Steve Jobs and it doesn’t look like that’ll change, Samsung also has a large following of brand loyal customers.

But, just for arguments sake though, how cool would it be if Apple went full on rogue and named their iPhone’s after the people who impacted the industry the most? The iPhone “Jobs” edition has a nice ring to it and then the larger model could be called the iPhone “Woz” after Steve Wozniak. Apple could even release them for the year 2027 and the company’s 20-year anniversary.

But the most likely outcome would be a the Samsung V series, specific phones meant to meet the growing fad of Virtual Reality, hence the “V” and giving Samsung the chance to reset back to 1,2,3 and so on.

We are coming up on a major milestone of the Smartphone industry as two decades have passed. It’s time to start considering the past and pay homage to the likes of Woz and Jobs, Alexander Graham Bell and some of the phones that were precursors to the amazing tech we enjoy today.

But those are just our thoughts. What would you name the next iPhone or Samsung?