D3O® is quickly being adopted as the go-to material for shock absorbing, protective equipment in a wide range of industries. The material itself acts similar to a fluid when in its resting state until struck. When D3O® is either dropped or impacted, the molecules lock up and the force is absorbed, then evenly distributed.

There are plenty of materials on the market that provide shock absorbing impact. The difference with D3O® comes down to flexibility and comfort. Since D3O® is flexible in its resting state, many industries use it for comfortable, lightweight protective gear. It can be used in its foam state for a creative alternative to traditional head protection as seen on Dragons Den. It can be placed underneath the heel in running shoes to absorb impact and return energy to the user. But most importantly, it can now be injection molded into mobile phone cases.



Gear4 Protective Cases with D3O Technology

That leads us to the introduction of Hitfar’s newest case line,Gear4, using D3O® material to create shock absorbing protective cases. These cases are visually attractive and quite slim with injection molded D3O® lining the inside edges. All Gear4 cases are military grade drop proof protective (MIL-STD-810G) and pass drop tests up to 3 metres.

For those of you who are quietly thinking to yourselves that this is too good to be true – we know the feeling. As the skeptics that we are, it was only suiting to welcome both D3O® material and Gear4 cases with a series of real life tests. And let us be the first to say that these products did not disappoint.
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