Bluetooth activated "smart" padlock from Dog & Bone

By now, technology has developed to the extent where we can keep our homes, our data and our livelihood protected by utilizing the latest innovations. At Hitfar, we love contemporary gadgets, so when we heard about a new breed of padlocks from Australian company Dog and Bone, we knew we had to get our hands on them.

Enter LockSmart, a Bluetooth-activated “smart” padlock that can be opened & closed by using your smartphone, meaning there are no keys to lose or combinations to forget. It’s extremely secure using an app on your smartphone to access the lock via 128-bit encrypted Bluetooth and has been tested in all extremes of weather. The micro USB rechargeable battery lasts two years (3,000 ‘opens’) and can be charged with portable power banks.

Novelty factor aside, the LockSmart is more than just a fancy Bluetooth lock. Not only do you use the app for unlocking the padlock, but you can also grant and remove access to anyone you like, with instantaneous notifications when someone uses it. You can even set up your smartphone as the master key to multiple locks.

Still not convinced that these high tech padlocks are better than a traditional lock? Check out our video below.