Rebecca's xmas list

Quite often we give staff in other departments products to test out. This gives us invaluable feedback from a different perspective on the item in question. It also helps us a great deal when it comes to making decisions on the products. Rebecca is part of the accounting department and has had her fair share of products to test out this year. We asked her which products impressed her enough to be added to her Christmas shopping list. Here’s what she had to say.

The House of Marley Chant BT Bluetooth Speaker

The House of Marley Chant Bluetooth Speaker

Rebecca’s 13-year-old niece loves listening to music, so what better gift than a Bluetooth speaker. The Marley Chant BT is the perfect size for playing music at home or on the go and looks great thanks to the bamboo and Rewind fabric finish. As a music lover, Rebecca’s niece will love the sound quality from the 52mm driver.

MSRP: $99.99

WHOOSH! Screen Shine® Wipes

WHOOSH! screen shineEvery Christmas we always get those presents that might not look exciting but you know you really needed them…! That’s why this year Rebecca is adding WHOOSH! Screen Shine to her Christmas list. WHOOSH! is the perfect solution for keeping your devices clean and hygienic and will be great as stocking stuffers for her family.

MSRP: $19.99

Ugly Sweater Xmas Case

Ugly Sweater case

Ugly sweaters are just as much a part of Christmas tradition as turkey and stuffing, so why not extend those patterns to your phone! After testing it out, Rebecca decided she loved the design of the Pink Ugly Sweater case and as far as she is concerned – you can’t go wrong with pink. While it’s great to give out gifts at Christmas, this is one stocking stuffer she will be treating herself to!

Nice choices Rebecca! Sounds like she has put her product testing experience to good use.

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