WeBoost Eqo compared to the WeBoost Home 4G

In this week’s product spotlight, we compare the WeBoost Eqo and the WeBoost Home 4G. Both are small area signal boosters designed for two unique applications.

Let’s start with the WeBoost Eqo. Some customers experience signal problems in areas where mounting an external antenna is not possible.  By introducing a booster that doesn’t require an outside antenna, the Weboost Eqo solves signal problems for customers living in high-rises or rental buildings with no access to the exterior of the building.

Oscillation is the feedback that occurs between the inside and outside antenna. It’s similar to that awful noise that you hear when a microphone is too close to the receiver. WeBoost signal boosters power down during oscillation to protect the towers from overloading. The WeBoost Eqo requires less separation than standard boosters to eliminate oscillation. This allows the booster to work at optimal performance in tight spaces, which is perfect for people living in smaller one story town homes or condos.

The Eqo is great for people living in Urban areas, but what about customers living in rural areas miles from cell towers? That’s where the exterior antenna supplied with the Home 4G  comes in handy. By placing the outside antenna on the roof of a building, it clears any trees or buildings between the building and the cell tower. With a direct path to the cell tower, the Home 4G can operate at peak performance to provide stronger signal and a larger coverage area inside the building.

We have taken the initiative to outline some of the differences between the WeBoost Home 4G and the WeBoost Eqo in the video below. Hopefully this helps explain why customers would choose one over the other, depending on the application.

Now all that is left to do is sit back, relax and enjoy the video!

WeBoost Home 4G – MSRP $659.99

WeBoost Eqo – MSRP $499.99