weBoost Eqo booster

At CES, weBoost unveiled their newest plug and play booster, the weBoost Eqo. The Eqo is the first of its kind to provide 32X better signal in seconds with no outside antenna, and requires no professional installation. This opens the door to customers who could not previously use signal boosters since they had no access to the exterior of the building. Now people who live in high-rises, condos and rental properties have an easy solution for their unique cellular signal problems.

In this week’s product spotlight, Taylor gives an overview of the weBoost Eqo and looks to beat the suggested 60 second setup time. Enjoy!

You can find the WeBoost Eqo at Hitfar.com or by clicking the link below:

weBoost Eqo Plug and Play Kit
MSRP: $499.99