Quite often it’s the little things that make the biggest difference. In this case, it was one little thing that made all the difference.

At Hitfar, selling quality products is critical. We make it a priority to test every product and be sure that it stands up to our high standard for product quality. Along with the launch of our newest audio line, Urbanista, emerged an opportunity for more testing.

The headphones were divvied up amongst the staff and everyone had positive feedback…except Paul. At least initially.

Paul, our in-house photographer, was given the Urbanista Boston Bluetooth headphones to test and his feedback was, to say the least, disappointing. He was unhappy with the sound, he didn’t like the weight of the battery on his shoulders and complained that the headphones didn’t stay in his ears when moving around in the gym. He actually only wore them for a few minutes before getting fed up and switching back to his old pair. Feedback like that is unsettling, especially when launching a new brand.

After our marketing team spent some time experimenting with the various replaceable gel ear combinations in hopes of finding the magical fit to solve Paul’s problem, they discovered “The Clip”. On the back of the headphones, there is a small clip that is designed to attach to a shirt collar.

Paul used “The Clip” during his next workout and had nothing but positive feedback about the Urbanista Boston headphones. It turns out “The Clip” not only secures the headphones and improves the fit, but also improves the sound quality by reducing the amount of pull caused by the weight of the battery.

Thanks to Paul’s updated feedback, we are 100% confident that the Urbanista Boston Bluetooth headphones have what it takes to stick around in the Hitfar lineup. We’ve had rave reviews about the sound quality, the fit, the vibrant colour range from everyone that has gotten a chance to try them. Also, sweat-resistant earphones are always a nice touch.

If you want the truth from the source, Paul will give you the full story in the video below. And remember, don’t forget the clip!

For more information on Urbanista, stop by hitfar.com for the Urbanista Boston Bluetooth headphones and the rest of the Urbanista line.

Urbanista Boston Bluetooth Headphones 
MSRP: $99.99