Ugly Sweater cases distributed by Hitfar

Is it too early to talk about the upcoming Holiday season? Well some people might think so but it’s coming up fast and we have to be well prepared!

On that note, the Ugly Sweater movement shows no sign of slowing down as this trend continues to grow and pave the road for complimentary accessories such as… smartphone cases. This season, Hitfar will be giving our customers the power to choose which Ugly Sweater snap-on covers we carry based on pre-order quantities. The full selection of cases soon will be put online for pre-ordering and will arrive in time for the holiday season.

In the assortment available from FLAVR, our eye first landed on traditional Christmas element designs: “Naughty Santa Merry Christmas”, “Do the Dab”, “Cookie Addict”, and Santa Clause suite.

FLAVR Ugly Sweater cases for iPhone 7 - 1


For good measure, we also picked a few “contemporary” designs: “Selfie Elfie”, “Jingle Balls”, “I Want to Believe”, and another pinky one.

FLAVR Ugly Sweater cases for iPhone 7 - 2

We complete our selection with warm and cozy and overall some neutral designs.

FLAVR Ugly Sweater cases for iPhone 7 - 3


From those shopping for a fun stuff for themselves to those looking for a gift purchase for their friends and family members, we believe these cases will generate a good level of  excitement in your store during this Holiday season.

MSRP: $19.99. Target phone – iPhone 7. Limited quantity will be supplied based on pre-orders.


Did we make the right choice? Drop a line and tell us what you think..


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