The True Wireless category will grow massively with the trend of headphone jacks being removed from cell phones and Hitfar is dedicated to distributing a variety of quality options.

From entry level to premiere earbuds, the top five True Wireless options will fill a need in the market for reliable sound and function for any tech, fitness or music aficionado.


JAM Ultra Truly Wireless Earbuds

MSRP $119.99SOL REPUBLIC Amps Air true wireless earbudsThe newest addition to the Hitfar line-up, the JAM Ultra gives the user a comfortable fit, easy connectivity and 3 hrs. of play-time on a single charge. Phone battery dying? Use the JAM Ultra case to charge your phone or extend the playtime on your earbuds up to 21 hrs. No Wires, no restrictions. With the Jam Ultra, you’re free to move and explore the world while staying connected and even taking calls without the hassle of wires all in a water resistant earbud.

The JAM Ultra earbuds are entry-level with the comfort and function of the more expensive options and less frills – a perfect option to fully satisfy first-time buyers.


Motorola Stream

MSRP $139.99Motorola Stream true wireless earbuds

The Motorola Stream is on the market as a commuter earbud with multiple buttons for an easy pick up and go True Wireless experience. Stream are no frills True Wireless earbuds that deliver on sound and give the user 2 hrs. of play time, extended up to 6 hrs. with the battery case. Designed and built for Motorola by a company called Binatone, the Stream is a divergence from the typical look and feel of most True Wireless earphones on the market right now. Users can receive phone calls and use both Siri and Google voice commands with Stream.

For consumers not sure if True Wireless is the right move? The Motorola Stream gives an entry-level audience a chance to experience this category.


Sol Republic Amps Air Wireless Earbuds

MSRP $179.99

SOL REPUBLIC Amps Air true wireless earbudsFun sound, fun look, attention to detail and the feel of quality at the fingertips, the Sol Republic Amps Air have quality rich sound and the functionality that makes the True Wireless Category a must for any young tech savvy consumers. Amps Air have all the functions packed inside a simple one button system giving the user the ability to accept and hang up phone calls, change song and pause music. The noise cancelling earbuds are perfect for the gym or out for a walk and maintain high ratings for water resistance, perfect for those sweat inducing workouts. The Sol Republic charging case also holds enough power to give you 3 hrs. on a single charge and up to 45 hrs. of playtime or charge your phone when in a pinch and find that iPhone down at its last 10 per cent.

Sol Republic Amps Air are a mid range priced item with sound quality to rival the big hitters in the category. If the end user isn’t interested in spending upwards of $200, this is a great option to get a quality, youthful and fun product without completely breaking the bank.


Motorola VerveOnes Music Edition

MSRP $199.99Motorola VerveOne Music Edition true wireless earbudsMotorola’s foray into true wireless technology hits the ground running with minimalist approach and sleek sophisticated design packaged into an ingenious twist open carrying/charging case. The VerveOnes Music Edition case extends the play time of the earbuds from over 3 hrs., up to 12 hrs. with the case and 155 hours of standby. With full Siri and Google compatibility, the VerveOnes are a high quality True Wireless earphone system using a simple one button multi-function approach.

The Motorola VerveOnes Music Edition will appeal to younger tech savvy users and professionals looking for the best sound quality and easy use. The HubbleConnect VerveLife App is also a key selling feature, allowing the user to GPS locate their buds if they become M.I.A., a steal of a deal for under $200.  Click here for more info


Motorola VerveOnes+ Music Edition

MSRP $229.99

Motorola VerveOnes+ Music Edition true wireless earbuds

The VerveOnes+ have a superior sound quality rivalling actually standing in front of an amp at a rock concert and give you the comfort of knowing exactly where the earbuds are at all times if one gets lost while out around town using Hubble Connected for VerveLife. VerveOnes+ offer a comfortable listening experience and reliably snug fit packed into waterproof earbuds that feature connectivity with Siri, Google Now and Alexa and 3.5 hrs. of play time on a single charge. Motorola has created a product meant to fulfil the needs of the masses and capture the hearts and minds of fitness-centric music enthusiasts alike.

The rugged build of the VerveOnes+ can handle swimming laps at the local pool, running down the highway, jamming out at home, or giving hands free options for phone calls, perfect for the professional movers and shakers of the world in the 30-45 demographic.

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