Sometimes the best solution is also the simplest.

Heading to the airport and tired of emptying your pockets? Going for a walk around town and not looking to pawn your pocket stuff off on someone with a purse or bag? Why not tote your smartphone, keys, sunglasses and any other goodies you’d keep in your pocket in a fashionable sling?

We’ve been wearing it and we can say Totinit is a great wearable carry-all solution for anyone looking to free up their pockets.


Designed with a fully adjustable strap, built to fit all different body types and made from high quality ballistic nylon. Totinit is completely customizable by incorporating removable and interchangeable pockets so you can adjust the pockets to make Totinit work best for you and your storage needs.

Included in the Totinit are the cellphone pocket, sunglasses pocket (which fits most sunglasses), and a pouch which can be used to fit your debit card, cash, small wallet, keys and even dog treats if you’re out on a walk with your pooch.

No one can speak to the idea behind Totinit better than Brian Herd, the man who came up with the idea so be sure to check out our video below.



Totinit is available exclusively on here.