As the season of giving begins to swing into full force, it’s time to start thinking about products that will work well as “stocking stuffers” at a price point suitable for impulse purchases. With that, we present to you our Top 5 Stocking Stuffers Under $20.


Nanotips Touchscreen Compatible Liquid

MSRP $19.99Nanotips to make your gloves touchscreen compatible

An exciting new brand in our portfolio, Nanotips, transforms normal gloves into touchscreen compatible extensions of your fingers. The liquid application is available in two forms – one for fabrics gloves and one for Leather/Rubber gloves.

Who to buy them for: 

Nanotips liquid products are suitable for a wide range of people on your Christmas list from your uncle John who rides motorcycles with leather gloves using his iPhone as a GPS, to your grandmother Susan who refuses to leave home without her cashmere gloves and iPad Mini.


Nanotips Taps Touchscreen Compatible Stickers

MSRP $14.99

Nanotips Taps

The Nanotips Taps Stickers provide the same functionality as their liquid relatives, but a slightly different application. With natural leather on one side, and an adhesive 3M material on the other, Taps are applied directly to any type of glove in seconds and produce incredible responsiveness.

Who to buy them for:

Taps appeal to a very similar audience to their liquid counterparts, but this gift will be a home run with your cousin Jerry who will especially like the fingerprint scanner compatibility. These unique stickers have patterns can be recognized by your phone as finger prints. Set them up as a any other fingerprint and never take your gloves off to unlock or verify app downloads ever again.


FLAVR Ugly Sweater Cases

MSRP $19.99

Ugly Sweater case

Ah, everyone’s favourite Ugly Sweater Cases. This year we asked you, our customers, which of the cases you liked best. Based on pre-orders we have selected a range of classic ugly sweater patterns along with the pink “Selfie Elfie” design. Available for the iPhone 6S and 7, these cases are very appropriate stocking stuffers.

Who to buy them for:

Buy one pattern or collect them all for yourself. These work as a perfect compliment to the ugly sweater that’s sitting underneath the tree.


WHOOSH! Tech Hygiene Screen Shine Wipes

MSRP $11.99

WHOOSH! Screen Shine wipes

Arriving in our warehouse just in time for the holiday season, Whoosh Wipes are a convenient solution for keeping your otherwise dirty screen, squeaky clean. Whoosh wipes are non-toxic and safe on all devices, available in 12 packs & 30 packs containing 1 wet and 1 dry antimicrobial microfiber cloth in each package.

Who to buy them for: 

Everyone has that friend who can’t seem to keep those smudges off their device’s touchscreen. Get them a pack of Whoosh wipes so they keep that grimy phone looking good as new.


Xqisit Portable Power

MSRP $19.99


The 2600 mAh Power Banks from Xqisit will add up to 1 full charge of battery to an iPhone 6S and help get through the day on a single charge. These are small, colourful, portable chargers that easily fit in a pocket or purse and be taken out for the evening or as a backup while at school.

Who to buy them for:

The 2600 mAh make a great custom corporate gift opportunity. Engrave them with your logo and stay at the top of your customers’ mind every time they run out of battery on-the-go. Inquiries about custom engraving can be made with your sales representative prior to placing an order and can be ready in roughly 7 days.

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