Recently, we’ve had comments on tempered glass screen protectors for the iPhone 6/6S. On certain devices, the tempered glass is creating what we have coined as a “halo effect”. Contradictory to how it sounds, this is a frustrating phenomenon occurring where the screen protector isn’t properly adhering to the edge of the device.

We have tested a range of brands and iPhones to see whether this is an issue caused by our product, or a handset problem that is out of our control. It seems that the problem is due to temperamental iPhone 6/6S screens. After trying multiple brands of screen protectors with a few devices around the office, we found that the “halo effect” consistently appears on one specific iPhone 6S. Below is a side by side comparison of two iPhone 6S’s.


Fun fact: This photo was taken with the Hitcase Pro Macro Lens.

After looking into this problem further, it seems to be happening on a global scale with other tempered glass manufacturers. We believe this is due to a batch of iPhones that have a slightly different glass composition causing the edge of the screen protector to lift. See the links below.

Zagg –

Spigen –

In conclusion, we will continue our investigation and will be dealing with any issues that arise on a case-to-case basis.  If any of your customers are having this problem, we ask you to contact your territory representative.

Thank you all for your cooperation with this issue.