You’re away at the cabin trying to make a call but you’ve only got one bar, do you really want to risk a dropped call in an emergency or not being able to send that important email?

With the SureCall Flare Cellphone Signal Booster the void left by dropped calls and inconsistent 4G/LTE coverage will be a thing of the past and allow for less time spent wandering around aimlessly with a phone or tablet pointed in the air like we have all done before.

The two-piece Flare Signal Booster will look good sitting on an end table or bookshelf and give you the option of where you want the best signal, covering up to 3000 square feet of space.

Flare works with all Canadian carriers. With only one cable connecting the external antenna with the Flare combined booster and indoor antenna, setup is easy.

For our demonstration, we set up the Flare Signal Booster on an apartment rooftop, but it can be used virtually anywhere with access to a roof. Rest your arms at your sides, kick back wherever you want at the cabin, farm, cottage, lake home, or even residential/urban areas with poor tower coverage and let the Flare bring the signal to you.

Apps for finding the closest cell tower to point the antenna towards can found in the Google Play and Apple App Store. OpenSignal, Network Cell Info Lite and Cell Towers by Birdie are three of the most popular and effective apps to use.



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