WeBoost Eqo vs SureCall EZ 4G (1280x720)


Cellular signal problems are apparent in a wide range of offices, buildings and apartment spaces. This can make it difficult to choose the most effective cell phone signal booster. In this post we focus on the SureCall EZ 4G and WeBoost EQO signal boosters designed to solve signal problems in buildings with no access to the exterior of the building.

These boosters are unique, two piece boosters contained entirely inside the building making them ideal for condos, rentals or apartments in urban/rural areas with strong outside signal. Though very similar, the difference between the two boosters comes down to coverage area, application and price which we cover in-depth in the video below.



Not mentioned in the video above is the SureCall EZ Call which is a more affordable 3G version of the EZ 4G. In terms of setup and coverage area, the two boosters are identical. For more information on the EZ Call and a installation/demonstration video, be sure to check out this post.

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WeBoost EQO – MSRP $499

SureCall EZ 4G – MSRP $599

SureCall EZ Call – MSRP $399