Tempered glass screen protectors are great. We can’t keep track of the times it has saved certain Hitfar employees from a trip to the Apple store. Tempered glass also maintains the incredible screen clarity, response and protection that some standard plastic screen covers lack.

On the other hand, the thinness of a regular PU plastic screen protector helps does keep the device slim and allows you to keep your screen protector on while using cases with built in screen protectors. The following cases will not work properly with a tempered glass screen protector:

The Gear4 FlexiGlass screen protector is the perfect combination of tempered glass and standard PU screen protectors. It is constructed with .1 mm tempered glass and .05 mm PET material. At .15mm, FlexiGlass sits right in between a standard tempered glass screen protector and a PU screen protector in terms of thickness.

The flexibility of this material helps reduce the “halo effect” that occurs with tempered glass screen protectors on inconsistent display curvatures. Also, there is no need to remove the FlexiGlass when used in combination with a built in screen protector. This becomes very useful for people frequently switching between the cases mentioned above.

For more information about the Gear4 FlexiGlass, please check out the Product Spotlight video below.