GEar4 Bookcase folio

Folio cases are generally viewed as convenient solutions in the phone case market. The Gear4 BookCase satisfies the need convenient card slots, but also delivers serious protection to your phone thanks to the injection molded D3O®.

How serious? Imagine you are checking your phone while standing on a second-floor balcony when somebody knocks your arm. This sends the phone two floors down onto a paved surface.  Now, what if you could be perfectly confident that your device is unharmed? That’s how serious the protection is in the Gear4 BookCase.

Meeting and exceeding Military Specifications for drop-proof protection, the Gear4 BookCase is more than just a replacement for your wallet or purse. This case appeals to a wide range of people from professionals to outdoor enthusiasts to everyday minimalists.

For more information on D3O® material, check out the What’s in the Box – Gear4 with D3O on Gear4 Protective Cases with D3O® Technology.

Now all that’s left to do is sit back, relax and check out this week’s Gear4 BookCase Product Spotlight below.