Colour range of Kaleidoscope protective cases

Traditionally, fashion cases are designed to satisfy the needs of people looking to “dress up” their device but not necessarily provide protection.  The new Evutec Kaleidoscope series is more than what meets the eye as each case is certified to meet military standards for drop protection.

Unlike other Evutec series like the Wood and Karbon cases, the Kaleidoscope series cases do not contain any Kevlar. This time, Evutec has used a different advanced material called Celluloid – a  tough, flexible and mouldable material that you’ll often see used in high-end fashion items like jewelry and designer eyeglasses or even Fender guitar picks and Montblanc pens. The unique, eye-catching design in these cases is achieved by using liquid Celluloid and folding it onto itself multiple times before cutting it incredibly thin. This process creates not only a neat multi-dimensional effect but one-of-a-kind cases that you’ll want to show off.

The Kaleidoscope series retails for $39.99 and offers plenty of colours to target females of all ages, looking for fashionable protection without the added bulk.

Now let’s hear more about Evutec’s Kaleidoscope series and what Alyssa has to say about them in the Product Spotlight video below: