Evutec Ballistic Nylon Texture ST Case

Evutec continuously strives to create cases with materials that are unique and generally viewed as unusable for cell phone protection. Some of the materials used in the past include Kevlar, real wood, and Celluloid. The debut product in the Evutec Texture ST line features Ballistic Nylon – a rugged material used in World War II flak jackets to protect soldiers from shrapnel and debris. The combination of its rugged appearance and thin design makes it a sleek, one of a kind, protective case.

The Texture ST case combines layers of TPU, Polycarbonate, and Ballistic Nylon attached with glue that Evutec spent over a year to develop and holds up to extreme strength tests. It’s slim, feels nice to hold, meets military standard drop protection specifications and is reasonably priced to meet a wide range of budgets. Check out the Product Spotlight video below to learn more.

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Evutec Ballistic Nylon Texture ST – MSRP $34.99