Dog & Bone Locksmart app

Padlocks, in some form or other, have been around for thousands of years. While they have come a long way from the locks used by the Ancient Romans, padlock technology has not seen much innovation in past years. That was until Australian smartphone accessory company Dog and Bone recently introduced the LockSmart, a Bluetooth activated ‘smart’ padlock.

Accessed via your smartphone, the LockSmart represents a new generation of padlocks that offers previously unheard of levels of security, convenience and shareability. Using the smartphone app, you can open, close, share and restrict access to the lock, as well as receiving instant notifications when it is unlocked, and it’s all kept secure thanks to the 128-bit Bluetooth encryption.

For heavy lock users, landlords who have a communal gate, those of you who share storage space, or simply those who like having the latest gadgets, the LockSmart is the perfect alternative to a key or combination lock.

For more information on the Dog and Bone LockSmart check out our latest Product Spotlight video below, as well as the “What’s in the Box” video where we test out the LockSmart in real life conditions.