SureCall Fusion2Go In-Vehicle Cell Phone Signal Booster

With winter right around the corner, Canadians prepare for the harsh conditions that come along with it. We must also prepare for winter driving and the many stretches of Canadian highways that have little to no cell service. If your vehicle breaks down in one of those areas it can be a serious predicament. The Canadian government recommends we prepare for these situations by keeping food, washer fluids, blankets, tow ropes etc. in our vehicles. But what about a way to call for help?

In-vehicle signal boosters from SureCall and WeBoost extend the range of your cell phone to make sure you can call for help when you need it most. The SureCall Fusion2Go is a powerful wireless booster designed to boost voice and data on the fringe of all major Canadian networks for multiple people simultaneously.

In this week’s video, Taylor walks you through just how easy it is to install a SureCall Fusion2Go signal booster and quickly demonstrates the booster in action. Enjoy!

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