When your bathtub has one it’s bad, but when one of the largest tech companies has one, it’s another story.

Apple’s launch of the iPhone X was overshadowed a little in the lead-up by an iOS 11 leak revealing the companies naming for the three new phones hitting the market as well as a number of other features.  Yesterday’s announcement confirmed the rumour.  Unfortunately prior to that the conventional wisdom was to follow the traditional naming convention 7s, and 8…  sooooo we have a few hundred thousand packages to label now!

In order to ship the thousands of orders on hand for the new devices as well as all other orders, we are going to ship product as is and provide labels to be affixed at store level.

So as our customers begin to open boxes of iPhone 8 and 8 Plus cases, you’ll notice that many of them reference iPhone 7s (instead of the iPhone 8).  “Fits iPhone 8” and “Fits iPhone 8+” stickers will be shipped with every shipment until all stock has been labelled internally.

Please follow the example below as a guideline for where and how to install the stickers on each case before they go onto the sales floor.



Note that almost all iPhone 7 cases fit the iPhone 8 and we can confirm that all of the cases we sell – except LifeProof (still to be confirmed) are forward compatible with the iPhone 8.

As the iPhone X is not shipping until November 3rd, we will delay shipments on these product and ship with the correct labels over the coming weeks.

All cases for the new line-up are available through Hitfar.com:

iPhone 8 – CLICK HERE

iPhone 8 Plus – CLICK HERE