Is it possible to have the power of a rock concert inside earbuds as small as jelly beans and the mobility to dance around the house like you’re at the show?

Motorola has the answer and its name is VerveOnes Music Edition.

Motorola’s foray into true wireless technology hits the ground running with minimalist approach and sleek sophisticated design packaged into an ingenious twist open carrying/charging case. extending the play time of the earbuds from over 2 hrs, up to 12 hrs with the case.


Hitfar Motorola VerveObnes Music Edition charging case


Ease of use is the game in today’s earphone market and the Motorola VerveOnes scores big with a simple click button Bluetooth system bringing a friendly voice through your ears to tell you it is connected. They are ready for almost anything you can throw at them with VerveOnes’ dust and water resistant, IP54 rating and designed to work with any smartphone, tablet or computer.

“What if the earbuds fall out?” Well, with launch of Hubble Connected™ VerveLife in the Google Play and Apple App Store, Motorola answered the biggest concern facing end users. We found that by twisting the earbuds into place you can achieve a snug fit making them hard to shake out and keep them connected. But in the rare case it happens while on a run or picking up groceries, simply make sure to install the VerveLife app and the GPS locator will show you the last place your VerveOnes earbuds were connected.

Looking for a good restaurant nearby or maybe somewhere grab a latte? It’s a piece of cake. VerveOnes are completely connective with both Siri and Google while the phone is in standby mode. Making and receiving calls is a breeze and the built in dual microphones offers crisp sound with great noise reduction whether you like your right or left earbud in, or both.

Personalize the rich crisp HD sound with six EQ presets (Bass, Live, Brilliant, Balanced Rhythm and Moto Sound) using three quick taps of the right earbud to create a completely immersive experience or hear what’s going on around you with pass through audio.


Hitfar Motorole VerveOnes Music Edition for runners


So, for anyone ready to cut the cords and join the true wireless revolution, the VerveOnes are a true multiuse, rugged sound factory at a reasonable $199.99 MSRP. Functionality and the comfortable compact fit will help create the soundtrack of your life whether you are a tech savvy trend setter out for a run or just someone with an ear for music jamming around the house or around town.

For our full line of true wireless headphones and more information visit here. More solutions are on the way and will be available soon.