World new sales total cameras 2014: 1.8 Billion cameras for consumers…95% of those are…on mobile phones, 5% are traditional stand-alone cameras.

– TomiAhonen Phone Book 2014

In the early days of phone photography statistics such as these were meaningless. Cellphone photography was popular, but dubious. You still needed a proper camera to take a decent picture.

Not anymore. Now the smartphone is a good quality camera and video camera, opening up a whole new world of opportunity to millions of enthusiasts of all levels, all across  the country. Instagram and Pinterest popularized photography, Youtube exploded video, and now apps like Meerkat and Periscope are sparking a revolution in streaming video. It’s built a massive new market and a big new opportunity for wireless retailers across the country.

Dog with close up wide angle view - Hitcase Pro

Hey, is that the new Hitcase Pro with switchable lenses? What does it taste like?

That’s because these smartphone shutter bugs need accessories. Lens options, tripods, mounts, selfie-sticks, remotes, and much more. If movies are to be made, moments memorialized, and scenes set, then the right tools are needed.

Sunset on the West Coast - Hitcase Pro for the iPhone 6

Sunset on the West Coast – Hitcase Pro for the iPhone 6

So we got prepared.

Switchable lenses, with 2x wide, 3x wide, 3x macro and flat options, are featured with the brand new Hitcase Pro case for the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 5/5s/5c. Poron® cushioning and 10 meter waterproof protection enable your phone to go everywhere you do, and the mount selection puts your phone in the right place to get the right shot. The Hitcase Pro is the best case for any motivated iPhone director/photographer. It’s what they need.

The XSories selfie-stick in action.

Smile for the camera!

We aren’t all serious photographers though. Sometimes all we want to do is to get our phone in the right spot to take a picture. Our XSories brand has a well built selfie stick and wireless  remote combo to help people put themselves in the shot. In a bold attempt to win the category in one fell swoop, the Hisy brand sells a nifty selfie-stick-that-converts-to-a-tripodKenu gives us a sweet little counter-top stand for our phones, to be used for Facetime chats, video viewing, the occasional selfie, and…as a bottle opener.

Facetime chatting with the Kenu Stance

Sure, their desks are across the room, but Facetime with the Kenu Stance is so much more fun.

Hisy also offer wireless camera remotes, the Hisy and the Halo, that allow you to operate the photo and video button from afar. Both employ BT 4.0  Low Energy with a range of up to 90m, but the Hisy is your Apple only option and the Halo works for both Android and Apple. The Halo has another special feature too. You can pair it to multiple smartphones (iOS or Android) and take multi-angle photos  or videos at once. It is also worth noting that the Hisy button works with the popular photo app Snapchat.

One thing we noticed as we played with tested these camera accessories, was the added draw on the battery. It’s a problem, so we suggest all budding directors/photographers be offered a portable power bank with a camera accessory, as these photo and video apps consume battery at a rapid pace. Enerplex and Powerocks are more than up to the task, with selection to suit whatever needs you encounter.

Smartphone photography isn’t new, but the combination of highly capable phones and massively popular social media sites like Instagram, Pinterest and Periscope is giving the category primacy it has never seen before. It’s time to get ready.

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