WOOSH! Non-toxic screen cleaner

How gross is your phone? It’s not something we tend to think about but 80% of phones have more bacteria than a toilet seat! Would you wash your hands after you touched a toilet seat? Of course you would. So why should it be any different with your phone? Sure, you can always use your shirt to clean the fingerprints off your screen but that won`t get rid of the dirt and unwanted germs or bacteria that’s sticking around.

Your screen before using WOOSH!

Your screen before using WOOSH!

WHOOSH!, one of Hitfar’s newest partnerships, is a Canadian company out of Toronto behind an eco-friendly screen cleaning product called Screen Shine. How many products on the market guarantee that that they are “safe for ALL screens” and also respect the safety of our environment? Not that many, but WHOOSH! does! The  WHOOSH! proprietary non-alcohol based formula is non-toxic, can be used around children and within seconds removes harmful bacteria to make your screen shine like new again. Wouldn’t we all appreciate that?

After (withWHOOSH) (640x427)

After WOOSH! Much better!

Be aware, WHOOSH! is very addictive. Based on our own experience, once you’ve tried it you will never want to go without it again.

Next up, Alyssa tells us all about the WHOOSH! screen cleaning system.

WHOOSH! comes in 3 sizes, giving you a variety of different price points:

  • WHOOSH! POCKET (8ml) – Perfect for using on-the-go since you can easily fit it into your pocket, purse or carry-on bag while you’re traveling. It`s good for 100 shots with an MSRP of $5.99.
  • WHOOSH! GO (30ml) – Great for students to throw into their laptop bag or backpack. Good for about 250 shots for a $9.99 MSRP.
  • WHOOSH! DUO+ (100ml & 8ml) – A pack that gives you the best of both worlds, including both the POCKET sprayer and a big 100ml bottle, perfect for keeping at home or on your desk, for an MSRP of $19.99