Lifestyle snapshot of the Xqisit Magneat Wallet oarnge

Magnets don’t need to be explained. They’ve been around since the 11th century when the idea of using magnetism in a compass first appeared in China. Nowadays magnets are used in nearly every tool that we have at home including cell phone cases supporting the magnetic sleeping mode.

Interestingly enough, Xiqist has exploited the concept of magnetism to build a series of mobile accessories designed to be cross-compatible with each other. The Xqisit Magneat Series offers various solutions. We will be discussing three, currently available from Hitfar (EACH IS SOLD SEPARATELY):Magneat logo

Magneat Cover – A snap-on, low profile, robust protective hard-shell made of genuine leather with unique natural characteristics. Available for iPhone 6/6S.

Magneat Wallet – An elegant genuine leather folio featuring five slots for credit cards, a pocket for cash and a snap closure for security.

Magneat Car Mount – a compact air vent magnetic holder.

As simple as it sounds, before offering the Magneat Wallet and Cover to your customers there are some things that you should know about this “duo”. To start off, both cases are designed to be used in tandem with each other and come in matching black, blue and orange colours.

Xqisit Magneat Wallet and Cover (Black, Blue and Orange)

At a closer look, inside the back side of the Cover there is a metal plate allowing this case to stick to magnets. Xqisit magneat series Cover (front and back)

Conveniently, the Magneat Wallet comes with a built-in magnet. It adds wallet functionality to the Magneat Cover when you want to pack light for special occasions. Just slip the Cover inside the wallet without having to take it off.  The powerful magnet in the wallet sticks to the metal plate in the Cover – allowing it to sit securely inside the Wallet.

Xqisit Magneat Wallet and Cover duoWith the mix and match colour options, this seamless application delivers the protection your customers need to benefit the lifestyle they have. This “duo” makes the perfect gift especially for the Holiday season.

To extend the convenience of using same family accessories, Hitfar offers another Magneat compatible product, the Universal Vent Holder. Despite its compact size, the magnet’s hold is strong enough to keep the smartphone securely in place. Easily atatch the Magneat Cover with one hand and go.

Xqisit Magneat Car Holder for smartphones, GPS and moreSee more in the video!