It’s no surprise that when we heavily rely on our smartphones for photography and videography, running out of storage space is inevitable. If you opt for a small capacity device while choosing your new smartphone, that painful moment of not being able to take photos without deleting old ones will catch up with you sooner than later.

While external memory solutions have been available for the Android device users since 2012, iPhone owners had to wait much longer until the first iOS USB drives broke into the Canadian market last year.

Leef, Hitfar’s new business partner, brings to the table fast and stylish storage solutions for Android and iOS mobile devices including the iPhone and iPad. Their iBridge USB Drive and iAccess Card Reader feature a thoughtful ergonomic design appeasing Apple users for their time spent waiting.

Leef iBridge and iAccess

When you hold a phone in your hand, the arch in your palm creates enough room behind the phone to accommodate… let’s say another small device attached to your phone. Leef used this idea to create a less intrusive curvy storage solution for iOS devices.  Given that you can shoot photos directly to both the iBridge and iAccess, these units truly are on-the-go solutions designed for convenience and style.

Leef iAccess mobile memory

Hitfar carries the full range of Leef products for iOS and Android devices but the featured video below will be focusing on the solutions designed for iPhones and iPads.