Leef bridge-C external memory for Android phones


USB Type-C is here to stay. It is robust, fast, reversible, and almost every new Android phone and even computers come with this universal port. This technology opened new possibilities for new accessories and today we will be looking at one of the smallest ones out there – LEEF Bridge-C thumb drive.

leef Bridge C external memory stick

First off, calling it a thumb drive is an understatement as it fits on the tip of your pinky finger! Bridge-C looks like a USB-A and a USB-C stuck back to back and yet it still manages to fit up to 128GB of storage! At only 3 grams and its tiny size you’d think it would be easy to lose but LEEF thoughtfully provided a keychain-mounted case. That means your nifty USB stick has a convenient home and is always close at hand.


Leef bridge-C holster


The core functionality is self-explanatory – it’s a USB stick that can be used with an Android phone. The companion Bridge-C app makes it easy to move files between the drive, phone storage or cloud (i.e. DropBox or Google Drive). This makes it a great everyday work/life companion as Bridge-C can be a storage expansion, a portable movie or music library, a removable memory stick for photos, a 4K video offload drive, and a perfect replacement for the cumbersome ‘self-email’ practice. This is ideal for photographer moms, travel vloggers, movie lovers, and professionals on the go. In addition, the free Bridge-C app can automatically backup photos and contacts or allow you to take pictures directly to the drive.


LEEF Bridge-C is a convenient way to expand the storage capacity of any modern Android device:

  • It can store, transfer and backup files
  • Bridge-C app allows photos to be taken directly to the drive
  • It is very portable with its small size and keychain mounted case


While being more expensive than micro-SD cards, Bridge-C can be a viable alternative since it offers far more functionality and future-proofing with its USB-C plug.

All Leef Type-C mobile solutions can be found on Hitfar.com here.