WeBoost Eqo Cell Phone Signal Booster

It gives you up to 32 times better cell signal, it can be set up in seconds, and it blends in with the elegant decor of your home. No, it’s not Superman. We are excited to introduce the all new WeBoost Eqo cell phone signal booster.

The Eqo is an in-building cellular signal solution for work spaces, small rooms or apartments in Urban environments. It’s designed to blend in with your living room decor and the cables can hidden discretely.

WeBoost Eqo Signal Booster

As opposed to mounting the exterior antenna on the roof/outside window, both antennas are placed inside the building making the installation very simple:

  1. Place the first antenna by the window with the best service
  2. Plug in power source
  3. Place the second antenna in the area with poor signal
  4. Connect antennas with the supplied cable

The WeBoost Eqo is the perfect option for customers living in Urban areas looking for a solution for their small area signal problems, but are:

  • intimidated by the traditional in-building installation process
  • without access to the exterior of the building

For more information on the WeBoost Eqo, please check out the product page here.