As the jolly old season of giving and receiving rolls around again, we’ve got some great gift ideas to keep the holiday season cheerful.

From the hottest ways to watch and enjoy content, to finding that awesome bit of tech for that “difficult-to-buy-for” family member we have the top five items to keep in mind while humming along to Jingle Bells.


Wireless Charging

Qi-charging solutions

Keeping your phone charged and accessible is always an issue, but with even Apple now getting on board with wireless charging, our selection of Qi-charging devices is growing.

From Samsung and mophie, to ZENS and HyperGear, there are wireless charging options for anyone with Qi-enabled smartphones to help get rid of all the cables and wall plugs. Wireless chargers are a great item which you shouldn’t have just one of. For the bedroom, kitchen, living room and the office, it just makes sense to keep your device charged wherever you are.

ZENS offers a unique assortment of charging options including a DIY kit for anyone who likes a customizable project. And for those looking for an out-of-this-world stocking stuffer, the HyperGear UFO Wireless Charging Pad offers a great charging option and futuristic look, with a very subtle blue LED light to let you know when the device is charging your phone.


LifeProof Aquaphonics Bluetooth® Waterproof Speaker

LifeProof waterproof speakers

For those looking to put that premium gift under the tree this holiday season, the LifeProof Aquaphonics waterproof Bluetooth speaker is a great option. With high quality sound, amazingly rugged durability and plenty of colour options, the LifeProof Aquaphonics will leave everyone smiling.

Preparing for a weekend getaway on the slopes? Or what about that trip to Mexico? It’s always nice to have a playlist of tunes on hand and with the waterproof Aquaphonics AQ9, there is never a reason to worry about a clumsy spill, or a friend throwing you into the pool because, even under water, the music is still going. With up to 16 hours of battery life and a great lockable carabiner be prepared to rock all day on a hike and late into the night.

If big sound and mobility matter, then LifeProof Aquaphonics is the right fit. Snow proof, drop proof, dust proof and water proof all for $150.00.



Totitnit for all carry on

For anyone looking to keep their pocketable belongings safe without carrying or stuffing things into tight pockets, Totinit can be a welcome relief.

Totinit is a carry-all sling style solution for anyone on the go, exploring new horizons or just out for a leisurely walk in the park or mall.

Included in the Totinit are the cellphone pocket, sunglasses pocket (which fits most sunglasses), and a pouch which can be used to fit your debit card, cash, small wallet, keys and even dog treats if you’re out on a walk with your pooch.

You can hear more from the creator and founder of Totinit here


Virtual Reality


There’s nothing better around the holiday season than spending time with family and trying out the latest technology or apps. Why not goof around in a virtual reality world delivered by your smartphone?

From the simple and effective Case-Mate Virtual Reality Viewer (which is extremely budget friendly and a great add on to any phone or case purchase), the mid-range Xquisit Universal VR Headset and the high-tech Samsung Gear VR headset, there’s something for everyone in this category.

So, from gaming enthusiasts looking to take in Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality games to outdoor adventure film buffs looking to watch the latest 360 VR kayaking or snowboard films, adding a VR headset to the shopping list is a wonderful way to explore some new and exciting innovation available on today’s smartphones.



RoadEyes dashcams

There’s always that one person on the gift list who is difficult to shop for so why not go a little high tech?

The roadeyes dash camera system is more than just a camera that records what’s happening on the road in front of you, it’s also a social hub to share your experiences with the world.

New to the Hitfar line-up, roadeyes comes in two models: the RecOne comes in at $119.99 MSRP and features HD 1080p live recording from the moment your car starts until the moment you shut it down. The recordings are made directly to a micro SD card and are available streaming over Wi-Fi through the roadeyes app which is available to Apple and Android users. The premium model, the RecSmart has a price of $219.99 and features 2k HD recording, real-time GPS location synced with the recorded video. Both roadeyes units are compatible with micro SD cards up to 128GB.

RoadEyes is the perfect gadget to monitor your drive, keep a record of your travels, and share it with your friends or even the world and it’ll be available soon.


For ALL of the latest gadgets for the holiday season visit here.

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