The House of Marley Chant BT Speakerphone

We’re extremely happy to announce our new partnership with The House of Marley, the brand created by the famous Marley family of musicians.

Of all companies delivering audio solutions to the market this brand is remarkably unique, and not just because they branded the name of an iconic Jamaican reggae singer Bob Marley. What truly builds this company’s success is their aggressive dedication to environmental goals and sustainability priorities. The House of Marley continues to advance Bob Marley’s vision by continuously pledging to the process of making this world a better place.

By braiding sustainability into their corporation’s core values, The House of Marley creates best in class audio products that are made from recycled and other sustainable materials that are also recyclable. The House of Marley also donates 1% of the company’s revenue to, the Bob Marley charity foundation created to generate a global movement to support youth, planet and peace.

Partnering with a new brand is always exciting. Bringing in an audio brand that has national name recognition firmly tied to the great performance and quality of the product is invigorating. The House of Marley is what our dealers need to be successful in selling audio in the mobile space. The new brand has a huge potential for boosting foot traffic to wireless stores and aligns perfectly with Hitfar’s philosophy to offer the best of the best to our dealers.

The House of Marley’s commitment to giving back through their various cause-minded programs resonates well with what we value at Hitfar and we look forward to achieving great success with this new brand in the mobile space.

Our product selection of The House of Marley’s audio includes a great range of headphones, both earbuds and on ear headphones, and portable Bluetooth speakers suitable for use on-the-go or at home.

The House of Marley earbuds