Hitfar new portable speakers


Wireless speakers continue to gain momentum in the accessory market and their technology is advancing rapidly. Two of our latest additions to the wireless speaker selection greatly push the boundaries of portability, sound and style.



Urbanista Melbourne BT speaker

Ubranista Melbourne is our newest and smallest addition to the wireless speaker lineup. This speaker raises the bar of sound quality and portability to a new high. With its compact and sleek design, the Melbourne hardly takes any space in a bag and complements any clothing style. Its design is especially appealing to tech-minded individuals of any gender living a busy city life.

In our tests Ubranista Melbourne has demonstrated such power that it bounced around on the table when playing at high volumes. The speaker works best when placed on its side with 4 special anti-slip feet. The mighty single dynamic driver pumps out juicy beats and delivers clear highs thanks to the enhanced DSP chip. The battery is no slouch either – at 6 hours of playtime it is enough to last a day and even if it runs out, it will be back to full in less than 2 hours of charging.

Ubranista Melbourne is a perfect companion for office environment or a cozy coffee break. It is also works great for anyone looking to catch up on their favorite TV show over lunch break on their phone, tablet or laptop. This speaker even has a microphone so it can receive voice commands or become an impromptu conference call device.

At just $99 MSRP this is the most sound and the least weight you can get in wireless speaker category.



The House of Marley Riddim portable speaker


Another fresh addition to Hitfar’s speaker roster is Riddim BT by the well respected The House of Marley. This speaker is sure to turn some heads both with its sustainable aesthetic and great sound.

Riddim BT’s exquisite design makes it a fashionable carrying accessory or a beautiful bedside furniture piece. Like all The House of Marley’s products, it is undeniably appealing to the modern environmentally conscious buyer who wants the best sound quality on the market. The speaker is constructed from leather, bamboo, cork, and canvas giving it a very organic aesthetic.

This beautiful design is backed up by The House of Marley’s signature high quality sound. Riddim BT’s stereo drivers are powered by custom-tuned DSP that uses robust A2DP algorithm for high resolution uninterrupted playback. Our internal testing showed that this speaker will easily fill the room with no clipping or blast on a street like a miniature boombox and last up to 10 hours on a single charge.

Priced at $149 MSRP, Riddim BT by The House of Marley is an excellent speaker for anyone who cares about the environment, style, and sound quality.


These two new offerings bring even more diversity into our wireless speaker selection. Urbanista Melbourne is a very attractive compact speaker that packs a punch and stands strong among competition with its miniature dimensions and uncompromising sound quality. It is perfect for people who look for the best sound quality in the smallest package. Riddim BT by The House of Marley, on the other hand, focuses more on the sustainable design that resonates with the latest trends while also keeping true to the company’s signature sound quality.


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