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We did it! We raised $58,614.00, surpassing our $40k goal. This achievement was only possible due to Hitfar customers’ consistent support. THANK YOU ALL!


It’s been a few years since Eric Anderson, now a former Hitfar employee, booked an appointment with the neurologist to confirm his suspicions that he has ALS. Since his diagnosis, Eric has battled this disease with his family by his side doing their best to adapt with this new lifestyle that was forced upon them.


Since the highly successful Ice Bucket Challenge, ALS is now in the public eye and increased funding towards ALS research programs is now possible. But one question still remains: “Are we making any headway in finding a cure?”


To find some answers, we reached out to ALS Canada and talked to Dr. David Taylor, Vice President of Research at ALS Canada. What we found is that hopes for a treatment to turn ALS into a chronic disease, rather than terminal, are higher than ever before. “In the past five years, we have gained more knowledge about the cause(s) of ALS than ever before,” said Dr. David Taylor.  “I believe that in the foreseeable future ALS can be a treatable, manageable disease where it is diagnosed as a chronic illness that is no longer terminal.” (Click here to read our interview in full).


ALS researchers have not reached a break-through point yet, but it’s clear that the pace of discovery has been greatly accelerated, thanks to donations that come through as a result of a much higher level of awareness. While it’s good news, more money is needed to keep the momentum going. “We are certainly poised, provided there is sufficient funding, to have far more information about ALS in the next few years than all of time up to now.” (Dr. David Taylor)


Last year, Hitfar decided to stand up and take action against ALS by running its first fundraising campaign. Hitfar’s commitment to the fight against ALS remains strong and now it’s time to announce our 2017 ALS Action Day. It has been set for June 21st, in conjunction with the official Canadian ALS Day. Following last year’s approach, on June 21st Hitfar will donate $1 for each item purchased towards a fund that will be split evenly between the ALS Society of Canada and an education fund for Sophia and Dylan Anderson. (Personal donations can be made directly to Anderson’s GoFundMe campaign)


Anderson family


Our goal is to raise a combined total of $40,000 by the end of Wednesday, June 21st.

Please support and help us reach our goal! Here is how:

  1. If you are a Hitfar dealer, you can help us with your order on June 21st.
  2. Please consider donating directly to ALS Canada via Hitfar page here.
  3. Spread the word. Share this post with your peers, friends, amd family members.

Help Hitfar fight ALS! Thank you!

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