The Samsung Gear IconX earbuds have been getting a lot of media attention since their launch earlier this summer. They are among the first of their kind in sweatproof, “wire-free”, fitness tracking earbuds. We have been using them for the past few weeks and had some very positive results. Below is our review.


The Box

The experience begins when you open the box. The sleek, futuristic headphones and compact carrying case makes you feel for a split second – that you are in fact James Bond. The carrying case, which can recharge the buds up to three times without being plugged in, has indicator lights to let you know the status of the charging process. Just place the buds in the case, close it up and 20 minutes later you’re charged up and ready to go.


The Buds

The most impressive part about these wireless Gear IconX earbuds is their intuitiveness. The earbuds sense when they’re in your ears, instantly pair with each other, then initiate the Bluetooth pairing mode.  If one bud falls out, your music will stop playing until you put it back in. Changing music, volume and  answering calls is very instinctive using just a simple touch or swipe. The IconX earbuds last for an hour and a half of talk/listening while connected to your phone or 4 hours playing music off the internal music player.

Android users get to enjoy some extra perks that come with S Health and other third party apps. Connecting with the app lets you use the built-in heart rate monitor and easily track your fitness goals. This extra bit of tracking and connectivity solidifies the fact that the Gear IconX earbuds are built for fitness and make the perfect buds for any gym enthusiast.



The Beats

The IconX earbuds produce rich, dynamic sound that you would not expect to get out of a wireless pair of earbuds. The internal 4GB (or 1000 songs) of memory allows you to not only extend the battery life, but go completely device free for up to 4 hours. To top it off, the IconX earbuds provide impressive clarity while making calls – even with the microphone being contained in your ears.


It’s safe to say these earbuds definitely live up to all the hype. They satisfy the requirements for people willing to spend the extra money (MSRP $279) for the latest and greatest gadget and those looking for the perfect fitness partner.

The excitement level is high around Hitfar for these innovative wireless earbuds! For more information or to order the Samsung Gear IconX, check them out at