Case-mate Gilded glass installation

To build on their past success with fashionable lines such as Brilliance, Pearl Karat, and Champagne, Case-mate has added one more piece to this collection – Gilded Glass (sold separately). Gilded glass screen protectors have etched metallic patterns to complete the look when paired with a matching Case-mate case. The look achieved from this combination makes you wonder why it wasn’t thought of earlier.

While the Gilded Glass specs may not be as important as the appearance for the real fashionistas and party girls out there, they are worth checking out. This screen protector comes with a 9H hardness rating paired with truly responsive touch sensitivity and scratch protection. The easy application process is handy too – and let’s not forget the lifetime manufacturer warranty.


Case-mate lineup of fashion cases & Gilded Glass screen protector

The Case-mate iPhone 7 assortment features a range of Gold metallic patterns that are poised to be a seasonal trend.  Gilded Glass acts as the finishing touch that not only accentuate those gold-shiny cases, but also can be matched to the various iPhone colours.

Retailed at $39.99, four designs are available for both the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus (also works with the iPhone 6 models): Iridescent, Silver, Champagne, and Rose Gold.

Check out our collection of Gilded Glass screen protectors on here.