Hitfar back to dorm essentials

It’s August. In roughly a month’s time, students will head off to University to live on their own without having their parents constantly breathing down their necks… but not before the infamous back to school shop. Check out our top three dorm room essentials below.

The House of Marley Get Together/Get Together Mini

A quality set of Bluetooth speakers is absolutely necessary for any dorm room. A good speaker needs to be something that not only looks sharp, but fills the room with dynamic sound taking dorm parties to the next level. Go big with the Marley Get Together or the Get Together Mini Bluetooth speakers.

The House of Marley Get Together portable speaker


Xqisit Portable Power – 3000/5000 mAh

Back to dorm crowds are hungry for power. Whether it be to extend Pokemon Go missions, long days in the classroom or late nights at the campus bar, Xqisit Portable Power Banks provide more than enough extra battery life. Xqisit portable power banks are Slim, portable and available for both Android and iOS devices making them the perfect back to dorm purchase.

Xqisit portable battery


The House of Marley Headphones

Let’s not forget about headphones. For spicing up those long walks to class, for transforming loud common areas into perfect study zones, or for binge watching Netflix shows late into the night – we’ve got just the thing.  The House of Marley headphones offer high quality products built using unique materials such as bamboo and recycled aluminum. To see the entire range of Marley headphones, be sure to check out the video below.