Built-in home audio isn’t going away, but it’s safe to say that wireless home audio is quickly becoming a favorable alternative. There is still a place for built-in sound systems, especially for people that like to keep their speakers discrete, but many brands are now producing speakers that can be wirelessly connected in a few minutes without the need for a 3rd party installer.

The House of Marley Get Together Bluetooth speakers are slightly different from a full wireless system as they are more of a mix between home audio and a portable speaker. They pack enough high quality sound to fill your home, but still feature an 8 hour battery and Bluetooth connectivity allowing you to take them to the lake for the weekend.With their wood panel design that is both retro and refreshing – depending who you talk to – the Get Together speakers fit in nicely with most living room decor.

Take a look at the video below to hear what Tom has to say about The House of Marley Get Together Bluetooth speakers or check out Hitfar.com for the the smaller, more portable Get Together Mini.