A lifestyle picture of the Gear4 Icebox series case with D3O

There is no doubt that smartphones have become a significant investment in our lives. Covering them up is the last thing we want to do. Whatever the reason may be, whether it’s social status or maintaining a professional image, we all want to show off our new smartphone. But what happens when you drop it?  Well that’s where the Gear4 IceBox series comes to play.

New to the Hitfar lineup, the cases in the Gear4 IceBox series have clear TPC backs and TPU edges allowing your customers to show off the beauty of their device. D3O® is the shock absorbing material injection molded into the inside edge of the case that allows these cases to pass military standards for drop proof protection (MIL STD 810-G). For more information on D3O® material, check out this What’s in the Box episode.

The cases in the IceBox series from Gear4 retail for $45. They suit a range of customers from the working professional to teenagers looking to show off their devices.

Now let’s hear what Tom has to say about the new Gear4 Icebox series in the Product Spotlight video below: