A Kevlar® weave for added strength. Paper-thin profiles. Exotic, FSC sourced wood, and a colour palette inspired by iconic military armour designs.

It`s not just a smartphone case line, it`s geek couture, and we know them as Evutec.

Evutec is the latest smartphone case brand added to our newly refreshed lineup, and they bring with them sleek profiles, cool materials, and a sustainable approach.

Evutec’s advantage is Kevlar®, weaved throughout their case shells to provide added strength and rigidity. Instead of making “tank” style cases, Evutec exploits this advantage by making their cases thinner. Thinner fashion shells, thinner wood cases, and yes, even thinner impact-protection cases.

Evutec's Karbon Kalantar case.

Evutec’s Karbon “Kalantar” Rose Gold case for the iPhone 6.


Dupont Kevlar®  is 5 times as strong as steel at the equivalent weight. It allows Evutec to make an ultra-slim case that is strong & durable, with clean cuts and beautiful, shape-hugging lines.

Kevlar® is often compared to carbon fiber, but it has a distinct advantage over its cool cousin; the fact that it offers stronger structural properties without inhibiting antenna performance in any way. It offers superior-to-steel strength, but without the weight and bulk of steel or the signal reducing effects of carbon fibre.

Evutec offers two distinct case lines; Karbon, segmented into the Snap, Snap Impact, and Snap Protective categories, and the Wood line.


Evutec`s Karbon case line weaves Kevlar®with nylon, creating that familiar zigzag pattern. The colour selection draws its inspiration from military armour throughout history, like `Kozane` Red – (Japan 16th c.),`Kalantar` Rose-Gold (Russia, 13 c.), and `Osprey` Black – (UK, 2003)

The Karbon case is offered in 3 levels of protection. Starting from the slimmest, the Snap (S) case is a form fitted shell style case, covering the back, sides, and corners and coming in at a mere 0.7 mm in thickness. Port holes and button openings are cut with a multi-angled laser, resulting in a clean look.

A samurai in his traditional amour

The Evutec Karbon Kozane case will make your phone look every bit as badass as this guy.

Next up is the Snap Impact (SI) case, a dual injection, one-piece Snap case that has an added layer of TPU fused to the inside of the shell for impact protection. At 1.5 mm thick, it is still remarkably thin and protective.

Concluding the Karbon line is the Snap Protective (SP), something of a traditional two-piece case consisting of a TPU sleeve encapsulated in an Evutec Snap style shell. At 2mm thick, it is thin for the high level of protection it provides. The TPU sleeve covers the side and top buttons, leaves the slider switch open, and comes up above the screen to provide the case with “lay flat” functionality.


Evutec's Bamboo case for the iPhone 6.

Evutec’s sleek Bamboo Wood case for the iPhone 6

The Wood line of cases from Evutec are slim and shapely. Sourced through the Forest Stewardship Council (FCS) to ensure sustainability, they use thin veneers of real exotic wood from around the world.  Woods like Ebony, Bamboo, and White Ash are heat formed to wrap smoothly around the soft corners of the phone and produce an elegant look.

Access to ports and buttons is provided with cutouts, and as with all Evutec cases, Dupont Kevlar® is weaved throughout the case, giving it the added strength needed to reach it’s remarkably slim 0.9 mm profile.


Each case made by Evutec goes through their patented Evutouch treatment. Evutouch is a 5 layer post production process that coats the cases with a clear matte coat. This provides them with scratch resistance and an easy-grip surface.

 A Great Fit

Evutec fits well into the Hitfar lineup, connecting with a growing customer base that looks to their smartphone and accessories to support their tech obsession. By exploiting modern technology and cutting edge materials, Evutec has managed to build a case line that belongs on a catwalk.

A geek catwalk.

Our Evutec line currently supports the iPhones 5/5s, 6,  6+ and the Samsung S5. First shipment is due the week of January 19th.