Life can change in the blink of an eye. One minute you’re driving down the road and suddenly, the car that was edging out of the intersection cuts in front of you and there’s no time to stop.

It’s those moments, the ones we all hope never to happen that dashcams are made for.

RoadEyes is a trusted brand for high quality dashcams. Working in conjunction with an Android and Apple based app to not only deliver state-of-the-art recordings of your drive from the start to the finish, you can also share your RoadEyes videos and still images direct through the app to your social media feeds. RoadEyes also happens to be the latest addition to the products offered by Hitfar.



The RecONE is a great entry level dashcam, featuring a wide-angle camera full 1080p recording for only $119.99 MSRP. Aside from being a great entry level dash camera, the RecONE can also be used as a supplemental rear facing camera when paired with the RecSMART.


RoadEyes Dash Cam RecOne by Hitfar



The RecSMART features up to 2k HD recording through the 140-degree wide-angle lens and provides recordings of your drive from the moment you turn the ignition, until up to five minutes after the vehicle is shut off. RecSMART also comes with a remote button to trigger still image capture and has a magnetic attachment and a mobile power cable so you can view your videos and pictures over Wi-Fi from anywhere. At $219.99 the RecSMART offers excellent quality video at a modest price and will give you peace of mind in any unfortunate event knowing there is a record of events.

RoadEyes Dash Cam RecSMART by Hitfar


Full vehicle coverage is important because as we all know, rear-end collisions are a very real concern, so having the option to pair the RecONE with the RecSMART is a smart move by RoadEyes.


RoadEyes App

Not only does RoadEyes offer a great consumer product, but along with the RecONE and RecSMART, RoadEyes is offering an app to compliment both products. This gives the user the ability to watch playbacks of their recording, but also to download them to their iPhone or Android device and share them to social media directly through the RoadEyes app (available through the App Store and Google Play).

RoadEyes App by Hitfar


Both the RecONE and RecSMART can take 4MP pictures and are compatible with Class 10 Micro SD cards from 8 GB all the way up to 128 GB, which gives you a minimum of 2 hours of loop recording in HD. RoadEyes is installed directly onto the windshield with an adhesive mount.

RoadEyes is really for anyone who has ever caught themselves saying “I wish I had a recording, I can’t believe that person just cut me off!” or “I know I’m not at fault, I hope I can find a witness.” Or really anyone who loves to drive and enjoys the idea of sharing all their interactions on the road, be it showing off all the bad drivers out there, or recording a fun scenic drive home.

For installation, please watch the video below:


For more detailed specs on these two new products from RoadEyes and to place your order, head over to

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