Choose Your Own Adventure with OtterBox and Hitfar:

Fifty-three days. 76,440 minutes. 1274 hours. No matter how you choose to calculate it, OtterBox and Hitfar Choose Your Own Adventure has come to a close.

Take a big breath Canada. We made it!

The 2017 holiday rush of sales and long lines are finally behind us, but there’s still this one big thing we need to finish up.

We still need to let you Choose Your Own Adventure!

If you saw our Facebook Live video you might know the names of the winners, but for everyone else, check out our wrap-up video for all the fun details:



Thanks to all our awesome retail partners, thousands upon thousands of OtterBox and Lifeproof cases are keeping smartphone’s safe across Canada. We greatly appreciate you all and wouldn’t be who we are without your help.

And a massive thanks to our great friends over at OtterBox for enabling us to give away thousands of dollars in weekly prizes and our three grand prizes.

Choose Your Own Adventure with OtterBox and Hitfar was so much fun for us to promote and from start to finish we are so happy that so many of you came along for the ride.

Keep up the amazing work and keep checking back on the Hitfar Buzz blog where we feature loads of cool products and interesting thoughts on the smartphone industry.

Check out all our weekly winners here:

And for all the best moments of the contest, check out our highlights package:

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