Bluetooth headphones distributed by Hitfar

Since the September 7th announcement of an iPhone with no 3.5 mm headphone jack, Bluetooth audio has become a very popular topic. Though we will likely see several manufacturers produce headphones that are lightning compatible, expect a large number of customers moving over to a Bluetooth alternative. With the iPhone’s longer battery life and wide range of Bluetooth headphones available, it simply makes sense.

This week we hand picked three new Bluetooth headphones (compatible with a wide range of smartphones) that can be great additions to your accessory walls.


First up, we have the Jam Transit Mini Bluetooth earbuds. They are a sporty, lightweight, in ear solution that gives you solid bass and good quality sound. The 7 hour battery life will get you through even the most grueling workouts with some left over for your commute home. They have an impressive 50 foot Bluetooth range allowing you to move freely without your phone and they come with optional clips to ensure the earbuds stay in your ears.

Jam Transit Mini Bluetooth Headphones

Since the Bluetooth and remote components are located in the earbuds themselves, it reduces the weight that typically pulls Bluetooth earbuds out of your ears. The combination of their lightweight design, and sweat resistance makes these earbuds perfect for the everyday fitness enthusiast who values functionality over style.

Jam Transit Mini – MSRP $49.99

Next, we have the LG Tone Active. No surprises here. You get what you see. They offer a very appealing sleek and durable design that gives you basic functionality: listen to music & answer phone calls while working out. The vibrant sporty colours instantly attract attention and encourage a closer look. The retractable earbuds are fun to play with and come in handy if you constantly take your earbuds in and out. Then, it’s a bit of a learning curve for the controls (located on both sides of the headphones), but that soon becomes second nature.

Lg Tone Active Bluetooth wireless headphones

In terms of sound, the LG Tone Active headphones will satisfy the every day gym enthusiast with no real distortion on the higher volume levels.  As expected, these headphones feature sweat-proof resistance (IPX 3) and 9 hours of playback for the stylish image conscious consumer who wants to stand out with flashy gym apparel.

LG Active – MSRP $149.99


And finally we have the Seattle headphones which represent a step up in the Urbanista range for music lovers who appreciate great sound quality.

Urbanista Seattle Packaging

Powerful bass and crisp clarity delivered through the 140mm speakers are controlled via the subtle touch sensitive panel on the side of the ear-cup. A simple tap allows you to play and pause your music or answer calls, while horizontal and vertical swipes let you skip tracks and adjust the volume without having to touch your device. The memory foam cushions and padded adjustable headband makes the fit unique to each user. With an optional 3.5mm jack just in case the battery runs out, these headphones are perfect for the music lover who is constantly on the go.

Urbanista Seattle Bluetooth hedphones

“As soon as I got my hands on these headphones, I was impressed. Even the packaging has a quality feel that gives you the sense of the premium product within. These headphones have barely left my head since I started testing them a week ago, they must be the most comfortable wireless on ear headphones I have tried so far. I listen to all types of music whilst sat at my desk editing photos and the crisp clarity combined with the impressive bass have made for a great listening experience regardless of genre. While the design might not appeal to all, I personally like the minimalistic looks and one tone colour” – says Tom, who was testing the Seattle headphones. This is his verdict:

Sound quality 8/10

Comfort 10/10

Looks 9/10

The impressive 12 hour battery life combined with the extremely comfortable design and fold away capabilities make the Urbanista Seattle headphones a great choice for all day use.

Urbanista Seattle – MSRP $149.99