About Hitfar

Hitfar warehouse, Burnaby, BC, Canada

We’re Canada’s premier innovator in the wireless industry. Since 1988, we have been tracking and supporting the growth of the wireless industry beginning as a manufacturer of protective phone cases and eventually morphing into a one-stop-shop just-in-time distributor. We got this far through:

  • Industry leadership
  • Great customer service
  • Ethical business practice

It’s not about where we are, it’s about where we need to be. The wireless industry changes rapidly. Over the past 28 years, it has trained us to focus on the future, dwelling on the same question “How do our customers need to position themselves to be successful in the future?”.  Answering that question correctly has been the key to our success. It’s why we provide:

  • Top brands that pull in customers
  • Selection that allows for multiple positioning options
  • Just-in-time door-to-door distribution

We are passionate about what we do. Our goal is to ensure our customers are successful by offering a value proposition that speaks to the needs of a unique industry, one with demanding customers, and one that moves at lightning speed.

Currently, we service the following wireless channels:

  • Networks
  • Big box retailers
  • Independent retailers
  • General merchandise retail channels


Some of the top brands available from Hitfar:  OtterBox, UAG, Samsung, LG, Plantronics, Urbanista, Case-mate, Hitcase, Gear 4, Evutec, InvisibleShield, SureCall, weBoost, Wilson.


Please contact our sales team with all sales related inquires:



Bob Cain, 1.604.417.0352, Bob.Cain@hitfar.com



Lee Distad, 1.780.224.1773, Lee.Distad@hitfar.com



Glenn McNeill, 1.204.391.6777, Glenn.McNeill@hitfar.com



Wil Hoyle, 1.289.387.3126, Wil.Hoyle@hitfar.com



Sacha Hugo, 1.514.226.9821, Sacha.Hugo@hitfar.com