SureCall in car signal booster

Constant access to cellular data or WiFi has become so ingrained in our lives that people now go to great lengths in order to stay connected. One way to maximize the usefulness of cellular data is by using your cellphone as a personal WiFi hot spot allowing you to use devices unsupported by cellular data plans in places like your car or RV. This can be done on many of the latest smartphones making it easy to turn your phone into a personal WiFi hot spot.

Here are three ways you can use a personal WiFi hot spot while on the road:

Tablets for Kids

As much as we try to limit screen time for children these days, there is no question that hooking them up with Netflix or tablet games will make for a more enjoyable commute – especially for those longer road trips. The problem? It is very common to own a tablet without putting it on a data plan. In that case, just switch on the personal hot spot feature on your phone and your kids will be happy campers!

Online Gaming for “Gamers”

The latest handheld gaming consoles offer online functionality using WiFi connectivity. For the hardcore “gamers”, that can’t go a minute without their fix of online entertainment, having the option to connect with a personal WiFi hot spot while zooming down the Trans Canada highway will be welcomed.

Laptops for Professionals

Never forget the business professionals that need internet access for emails, video conferencing or just surfing the web. Though we have come a long way with smartphones, writing lengthy emails on a laptop is still a less daunting task.


Our vast Canadian landscape continues to be a challenge for heavy data users as many rural areas remain without strong access to cellular data networks. That`s where in-vehicle signal boosters come in handy.

The SureCall Fusion2Go In-Vehicle Signal Booster helps provide wireless cell signal to multiple users simultaneously while driving in areas on the fringe of cellular networks. The setup takes minutes giving you strong, reliable 3G & 4G data speeds on all major Canadian cellular networks to keep the kids happy, the “gamers” entertained and the business professionals busy while on the road.

For a full demonstration and setup procedure with the SureCall Fusion2Go Booster, see the video below.