Hitfar University best student awards

We think it’s important to always recognize people for the good things that they do. That’s why we decided to have our very first Hitfar University Student Appreciation Awards (HUSAA). These awards are a salute to the exceptional efforts shown by the sales representatives participating in our online training platform, Hitfar University.

Without further ado, here are the winners of the 2016 Hitfar University Student Appreciation Awards.


Most Likely to Complete a Course Before the Course Exists

HU-championThis award goes to the student who consistently finished new courses before anyone else. We are not too sure how she does it, but our winner was the first to finish five separate Hitfar University courses. For that reason, she has earned the Hitfar-U Champion award. Maybe we should bring you on-board for course creation…

Congratulations to our 2016 Hitfar U-Champion award winner – Adele Myette from Andres Electronics in Kelowna


Most Likely to Have a Trophy Room for Their Hitfar-U Badges

HU-prodigyThis award requires a lot of hard work and a little bit of luck. The Hitfar-U Prodigy award goes to the person that accumulated the most Hitfar University badges. Since there was such an impressive group of people that successfully collected all 19 badges, we entered all our top performers in a random draw and pulled a winner. Way to go! You might need to expand your trophy room for all the courses coming in 2017!

Congratulations to our 2016 Hitfar-U Prodigy award winner – Luke Lomanovskis from AWC Communications in Lethbridge


Most Likely to Have a Hitfar-U Bumper Sticker

HU-legendTo quote a classic childhood movie, The Sandlot, “Heroes get remembered, but legends never die…” today we recognize our very own legend. The winner of this award is the longest standing active member of Hitfar University. Dating all the way back to their inception in 2013, this sales representative continues to stay up to date with Hitfar University course offerings. Now that is commitment. Cheers to another 4 years!

Congratulations to our 2016 Hitfar-U Legend award winner – Rebecca Mailloux from Kelcom in Windsor


Most Likely to Have Custom Made Hitfar University T-Shirts

HU-powerhouseThe Hitfar-U Powerhouse award goes to the team with the most collective points. Our 2016 Powerhouse has managed to accumulate a whopping 4770 points as a team shooting them straight to the top of the leader board. Now let’s see if there is anyone out there that can knock them off their throne. Hey Tom Harris, can you make a couple extras for us when you order the T-Shirts?

Congratulations to our 2016 Hitfar-U Powerhouse award winner – Tom Harris Cellular


Thank you again to everyone who took part in making 2016 so great and be sure to keep an eye out for new content in 2017.

Knowledge is power. Hitfar University is a comprehensive training platform designed to improve the effectiveness of your sales team by educating staff on the product selection available from Hitfar. If you or your team is interested in signing up for Hitfar University, click here.